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Lien Unit

In workers' compensation, the term "lien" has a special meaning. A lien in workers' compensation is secured by "compensation" to be paid to the injured employee or his dependents. Technically this means that the lien claimant is agreeing to seek reimbursement for the costs or services provided to the injured employee only through the workers’ compensation system. A lien claimant's rights are derivative of the injured employee's rights. After providing services or costs for the worker as a result of the alleged industrial injury, the provider will typically file a lien in the workers’ compensation case for payment or reimbursement. The defendant will then negotiate, settle or litigate the lien at the conclusion of the workers’ compensation case.

Slade Neighbors established a Lien Unit in 1998. Typically, after a case-in-chief is resolved, the handling attorney transfers the file to the Lien Unit to shut down any outstanding liens. Whether negotiating by telephone, attending hearings or conducting lien trials, the members of the Lien Unit move quickly to resolve liens within the settlement guidelines specified by each client. 

This targeted approach has proven to be very effective and popular with clients, and has produced a high volume of lien-only referrals. Our Lien Unit has been successful at negotiating a substantial reduction of liens and winning at trial against those that refuse to settle at a reasonable amount.

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