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The firm opened on July 1, 1995 as a dynamic and innovative law firm specializing in the defense of Workers’ Compensation claims throughout the state of California and at all WCAB district offices. The practice includes civil subrogation, arbitrations and carve-out cases. Slade Neighbors has always prided itself on its “cutting edge” and aggressive approach to litigation, as well as tailoring cost-effective solutions to our clients’ workers’ compensation issues.

One of the firm’s guiding principles is dedication to service and innovative strategic approaches.  It is our philosophy that speed, in the field of litigation and business management, saves money, helps morale and improves accuracy while lowering the costs of the firm’s services to our clients.  A  second guiding principle of the firm is to develop strong personal ties with our clients.  We believe collaboration accelerates the timely resolutions of cases through settlement or trial.  It is our goal to meet with our clients and invite them to actively participate in the defense of their claims.  We often visit the employer’s facility to learn and observe the job duties of the employees.

For California’s employers, following a workers’ compensation directive can actually result in potential Federal and State law violations that could lead to lawsuits. Our office is mindful of that and carefully craft the defense to minimize such exposure. Our years of expertise translate to a unique understanding of how workers’ compensation laws impact day-to-day business decisions, and provide the knowledge to advocate to employers. We coordinate the workers’ compensation case with the clients’ civil attorneys in a manner that helps defeat potential claims under the California Fair Employment Housing Act, Cal/OSHA and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The firm has a unique expertise on related Medicare Set-Aside issues. Attorney Slade J. Neighbors is one of the few, if any, California workers' compensation defense attorneys who is both a Certified Medicare Secondary Payer Professional and Medicare Set Aside Certified Consultant. This gives the firm the ability to ensure that the Medicare Set-Aside is properly calculated and takes into account California’s fee schedule and MTUS Guidelines.

We work closely with the District Attorney’s Office and Department of Insurance in prosecuting workers’ compensation fraud.  This includes appearing in Criminal Court to seek restitution on behalf of the employer.

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